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Vegie growers told to change location and remove flowers

Vegie growers told to change locnatyasastra.comation and remove flowers

Pipe bud growers told to remove their plants

Grower advised that growing cannabis will kill them

Stuck with growing marijuana on her own and growing an enormous quantity of the stuff

Fellow growers who are concerned about losing jobs바카라사이트 and not being able to sell their plants have a message from the federal government: You’re on your own.

In a letter sent to cannabis industry players last week, the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada stated it’s not the federal government that is interfering with growing in Colorado, but rather the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The federal government is forcing growers in each province to grow in that respective province.

A spokesperson from the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada wrote, «The Government of Canada has been supporting our provinces and territories in cultivating and selling licensed cannabis.»

But the agency continues to be clear about its concerns.

‘Canada can’t continue to be a law enforcement state’

According to a January report by Marijuana Business Daily, a publication covering the industry, the government of Quebec «has issued several statements against our growing operations in Quebec.» In particular, the Quebec government has stated that growing marijuana should take place elsewhere and Quebec cannot continue to be a law enforcement state.

In the same report, the publication also points out that there has been a massive upsurge in demand for marijuana in Quebec since Trudeau’s Liberal government came into power in June. While legalization has not caused mucnatyasastra.comh of a shift to the country’s drug users, it’s clearly helped to drive prices down for growers.

According to the most recent statistics available, the price of marijuana from Canada to the U.S. is now $25 per gram, or between $18,300 and $18,400. In the U.S., it ranges up to $70 per gram.

That’s a great deal, but the price has risen in recent years from $14.70 to $17.80 per gram since the Federal government legalized weed in Colorado and Washington, according to the latest numbers available. As a result of the influx of new businesses pouring into the state, the wholesale price is also rising as well, as it’s now higher than the cost of selling marijuana.

Linda Langdon, president of the Association of Licensed Producers of Cannabis said the Quebec government «doesn’t want to be a law enforcement state.» Langdon added that the federal government needs to take a much more cautious stanc